Writing the five-paragraph essay… easily!

foxessayadWant to know why I’m excited? Because this week I sat my fifth-grader down to write an essay. And she did it. In under 30 minutes, start to finish, planning to editing.

Even when a student knows and understands the structure of an essay, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. That doesn’t mean you can get by assigning an essay and walking away without hearing, “Wait! I don’t get it.” Or “I forget what comes next.” Or “How many sentences in the introduction?”

That’s why I came up with the idea of an essay guide. It walks students (and teachers!) through the process. First comes the note-taking. Then the organization. Then the writing of the body paragraphs. Then the introduction and conclusion. And let’s not forget editing for content and for mechanics.

Suddenly, the essay is finished. Everybody’s happy. animalreportad2

Teachers and parents, this is a GREAT way to practice five-paragraph essay-writing for students who are just learning the format or who need a stronger foundation.

Want to see more? Check out the Five-Paragraph Essay Guide: Animal Report here!

We also have one for writing about a famous person — Five-Paragraph Essay Guide: Famous Person Report.

Each guided essay unit contains:
*Sample essay
*Review of how to write an essay and the sentences needed in each paragraph
*Guidance on transitions and hooks
*Note-taking pages (one set blank, one set guided)
*Reference page for documenting references
*Body paragraph planning worksheets (3 versions)
*Introduction and conclusion planning worksheets (one blank, one guided)
*Writing page
*Mechanics rubric
*Content rubric



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