Guided Writing Units

Our guided writing units are perfect for homeschoolers, writing instructors, classroom teachers, and parents who want to give their child additional writing instruction. These project-based courses offer step-by-step instruction in an easy-to-follow, logical manner that integrates the elements of good writing with creativity and grammatical correctness. Whether your student is a reluctant writer or an eager author, these courses are adaptable to each student’s needs. Because of this adaptability, they are suitable for grades 3-8 and for home or classroom use. Other features include:

  • games and activities in every course
  • 8-12 pages of printable material for every Workshop (each course contains 6-10 Workshops)
  • emphasis on critical behind-the-scenes writing fundamentals such as brainstorming and planning
  • complete instruction on basic writing skills such as paragraph formation, openings, and closings
  • end-of-workshop assignments to ensure student mastery of each workshop’s skillset (these can be with or without instructor feedback, depending on model purchased)
  • an entire workshop on mechanics (grammar) in each course (so the more courses you take, the better you will be at proofreading!)
  • instruction in each Workshop with specific strategies to improve writing
  • workshops that build on each other for production of the final project
  • a comprehensive, gradeable rubric for the final project assignment
  • convenience and flexibility: Take the courses when you want!
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