What we’re reading: Good books for all ages

The young ‘uns ’round here range in age from baby to grade five, so reading books to everyone can be a challenge. The recommendation that parents read out loud to their kids 20 minutes per day would place me behind a book for almost two hours, which is just not happening. I mean, there’s laundry to do.

With that in mind, I try to choose books — fiction and non-fiction — that will appeal to a wide range of ages. The four-year-old might zone out during longer chapter books, and the fifth-grader isn’t too interested in the tales of Froggy, but at least we’re reading. And the baby mostly just chews on books, anyway.

Here’s a run-down on this week’s reading materials:

THE BABY: That’s not my bear… (series), by Fiona Watt

Most of the time when I read to the baby it’s “Don’t touch! Stop touching the book!” but with this series, it’s “Go on! Touch the bear’s nose!” I love these books.



THE PRESCHOOLER: We recently discovered the Crafty Chloe series by Kelly DiPucchio. They’re billed as being “Fancy Nancy meets Martha Stewart” and that’s pretty accurate.




THE FIRST-GRADER: This one is always a challenge. If he sits through a book, I feel comfortable recommending it! We just finished The 100-Year-Old Secret (Book 1 of The Sherlock Files by Tracy Barrett). It’s the story of siblings Xena and Xander Holmes, descendants of Sherlock Holmes, and the mystery of a missing painting. Although it’s billed as being suitable for kids ages 8-10, it’s a simple story, with simple writing, and my first-grader had no problem following it, although the bigger kids liked it just as much. One of them is currently dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, in fact.


THE BIG KIDS (GRADES 4 and 5): Even though these kids are very proficient readers, they still enjoy reading out loud as a family. Lately is has mostly been non-fiction books pertaining to our science studies. However, here are a few that they finished last week on their own:

DK Biography: Harry Houdini





What was Ellis Island?


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