Three EASY Halloween writing projects!

hweenwritingprojectsBoo! Happy Halloween! Here’s your trick instead of a treat — 3 super easy writing projects your students will love!

1. Write and illustrate a gross Halloween recipe. We’re not talking cute Pinterest-y gummy worm cupcakes. We’re talking Eyeball Succotash. Intestine Souffle. Centipede Quiche. Because every kid loves to write about “illicit” stuff like blood and gore, this is a GREAT way to sneak in expository writing.


2. Halloween WHO AM I? Each child chooses a “costume” and must write three sentences (or a paragraph) describing that person/thing WITHOUT using its name. For example, a little witch might write:

I wear a black hat and cast spells.

I ride a broomstick.

I often have warts on my nose!

Obviously, that’s an easy one. But what about (true example!):

I was born on Christmas Day in 1821 and, although I’m a woman and it was expected that I would marry, I never did.

My first experience in the medical field was nursing my brother when I was 10. He had fallen off a roof and the doctors gave up on him. But I bled him with leeches and gave him medicine — and he recovered!

I founded the Red Cross and worked as a nurse during the Civil War.

(Give up? It’s Clara Barton!).

hauntedhouse3. Describe a haunted house. Make it scary… or silly… or funny! Just use detailed, descriptive words when writing it! Get it FREE here!


Happy Halloween!


PSST! Want to receive 10 FREE writing prompts? Get them below!



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