Novel Conversations: Little Women


This 32-page guide includes discussion and conversation questions for every chapter, answer-in-writing reflection questions, and creative writing prompts for every three chapters. It also includes background information on the novel, the time period, the author, and the novel’s themes.


littlewomencoverThis conversation and writing guide is intended for use by teachers and/or parents with their students, either in groups or one-on-one. This guide is for use with the Great Illustrated Classics Little Women edition.

This guide is composed of four parts. Students can complete any or all of them. The first is for completion with a parent/teacher and is composed of discussion questions for each chapter.

The second part is a writing journal for students. The Little Women Journal includes two reflection questions for every three chapters (24 chapters total).

The Journal also includes one creative writing prompt for every three chapters.

Finally, there is an essay question at the end with a brainstorming page for students to plan out an essay.

In addition, there is background information on the author, the novel, the time period, and the themes of the book meant to enhance understanding and discussion.

32 pages total.


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