Writing is one of the best skills a writer can have. With our fun materials, writers can exercise their creativity and imagination as they learn the fundamentals of written expression.

steppingoutStepping Out: Grade 4/5 Writing Journal


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Are your students writing every day? Are they practicing all the important forms of writing (creative, descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive)? How about literary devices, sentence revisions, and skill builders like finding antonyms for vocabulary words?

This 34-page writing journal for grades 4/5 makes all of this possible in an easy-to-use, printer-friendly format. Just download, print, and have your students complete one page per day. If done every day, this will take you through six weeks of daily writing.


k1steppinginStepping In: K-1 Writing Journal


This writing journal for grades K-1 (as well as eager preschoolers and reluctant writers of higher grades) is just what you need to get your students writing. It’s 35 pages of writing activities designed for beginning writers. This journal is the perfect introduction to writing because its activities are broken down into the basics of narrative, expository, creative, descriptive, and persuasive writing, laying the foundations for later years. Also included are skill-building exercises like writing sight words and naming opposites and rhyming words.


journeytoanewlandJourney to a New Land creative writing lapbook


In this lapbook inspired by the books by Joan Sandin, your students will practice writing, drawing, and thinking creatively as they plan to leave their home for a journey to a new land… one of their imagination! Will they travel across the ocean to a desert island? Will they escape invading swarms of bees and flee to Antarctica? Or will they blast off for Mars and establish the first colony with their family?

Activities included are: Writing and drawing directions to the new land,  Writing prompt for something interesting that happens on the voyage,  Voyage statistics (date of departure, length of voyage, etc.),  Drawing of family,  Writing prompt for letter from parent explaining why family must leave the old land,  Listing of things to take on the journey,  Writing prompt for what they will miss,  Drawing of new land,  2 response questions about new land,  Information about the new land (terrain, language, landforms, etc.)

blanksstemplatesBlank Short Story Pages


Have you been looking for a way to encourage writing? These blank pages provide a stress-free template for students to put their words and drawings on paper. Extra room on the left side allows for stapling or binding. Also includes blank templates for cover pages.

drabtofab1Dressing Up Sentences: From DRAB to FAB!


If you’re inundated with three-word sentences from your students, this activity will show them how to “dress up” their simple sentences. Use this easy, step-by-step process to help them take their sentences from drab to FAB!