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Writing  Courses & Essay Guides

Novel Conversations: book-based materials

Poetry: poetry analysis materials

Writing: creative and daily journaling materials

Literature Lessons: materials based on classic short stories

Grammar Activities: activities to reinforce or teach grammar

Early Learners: creative activities for the youngest writers

Games & Activities: fun stuff for all ages!

Reports & Organizers: activities to organize information about all sorts of subjects

Writing Courses & Guides

Our DIY Writing Courses contain all the materials necessary for the completion of a writing project, from initial idea brainstorming to structured writing to grading with detailed rubrics. In addition, we have Essay Guides for students who are already familiar with the five-paragraph essay but who might need just a little guidance.

Novel Conversations

Novel Conversations provide a way for parents and teachers to discuss classic and modern novels in a conversational manner with their students. With discussion questions as well as written reflection questions for each chapter, Novel Conversations supply the basis for beginning literary analysis.

In addition, these guides supply background information such as setting, themes, characters, and biographical information about the author.

Novel Conversations: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


Novel Conversations: The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli



Want to make poetry fun? Our poetry analysis guides cover all the basics — literary devices, poetic forms, poetic interpretation — in a fun and easy format. They also include creative written assignments to make the poem relatable to young writers.


Writing is one of the best skills a writer can have. With our fun materials, writers can exercise their creativity, imagination — and fundamental writing skills! — as they learn the fundamentals of written expression.

Literature Lessons

If you’re looking for a fun way to approach classic short stories, Literature Lessons can help you do just that. Each lesson includes the text of a classic story, author biography, and basic comprehension questions, but there’s MUCH MORE. Each lesson challenges your students to use their critical thinking skills and creativity to complete fun activities like a vocabulary crossword puzzle, brainstorming exclamatory words, and creative writing prompts.

Grammar Activities

Grammar Activities are designed to reinforce what your students are learning at home or in the classroom. Whether your students need practice with proper nouns, apostrophes, or alphabetizing words, we’ve got a great selection for you.

Featured Product: Language Arts Daily Work

LAdailyworkWhether you’re looking to beat the summer slump, or build up those tricky grammar skills, or practice correcting sentence fragments… this is perfect for your students! This unit contains 25 pages of daily language arts work – each with five writing and grammar activities – that will give students practice and strengthen their skills. Answer key included.

It includes work on: parts of speech, vocabulary, literary devices, synonyms/antonyms, brainstorming, homophones, spelling, dialogue, correct usage, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, contractions, adverbs/adjectives, correct verb tense, punctuation, capitalization, Greek/Latin roots, idioms, metaphors, similes, descriptive writing, narrative writing, expository writing, and opinion writing

Early Learners

Early Learners combine fun and learning in activities that include critical thinking, math, phonics, writing, and reading. These are perfect for beginning and young readers.

Games & Activities

Let’s play! Games & Activities are a great way to get students excited about writing. We have materials for every stage of writing — many of them free! See below for games and activities to encourage creativity, use sensory detail, improve vocabulary, and to just have fun!

Featured Product: Outside-the-Box brainstorming prompts




Do you want your students to think creatively? Write quickly? Do you just want to wake brains up at the start of class, or use an icebreaker?

These 20 brainstorming prompts — like “Words that start with WR” and “Sports that DON’T use a ball” — will engage and challenge your students.

Reports & Organizers

Sometimes your students need a little help organizing information, but you don’t want to do the boring-boring-boring book report (or country report, or science report). These Reports & Organizers, based on themes, give your students the structure — but not the limits — to organize the information they find in a useful manner, and to practice their written communication skills at the same time.