Are you prepositionning me?

For this Menial Monday project, we approach the use of prepositions in a competitive manner. A little competition never hurt anyone, except maybe the Roman gladiators. But since in the writing arena we use pencils instead of swords, we’re probably safe. So. Prepositions. Not the most inspiring of writing topics, huh? Now, my kiddos know


Sneaking it in

There is nothing wrong with sneaking in a writing assignment wherever you can! A while ago I flipped through a cookbook that advocated sneaking veggies into a child’s diet via brownies and other sugary foods. My initial thought was, basically, That’s pretty dumb. However, I have no problem applying the same principle to writing. Let’s


To possess or not possess

Fastidious Fridays are always a good day for a freebie! They’re also a good day to focus a little more on the mechanics of writing, since we seem to veer into Funland for every other subject. This Friday, we’re talking possessive nouns. ***collective cringe from my children.*** That’s right. Why? Because those sneaky stray apostrophes


Trying to spell CHLOROPHYLL

On Thoughtful Thursday, we design some fanciful leaves, then organize our thoughts to write about the seasonal cycle of trees. Sometimes we come across words that the kids try to spell phonetically, and their efforts are so great that I feel remorse when I have to correct them. Like chlorophyll. Klorofil. I mean, thanks, English


Giving voice to pumpkins

For this Wide-Open Wednesday assignment, the kiddos learn about voice by creating and then introducing their pumpkins. Until I had kids, a pumpkin was a pumpkin was a pumpkin. Usually, the cheapest one — often discounted due to severe plagiocephaly of one side — would do the trick. Stick a knife in that sucker for


Welcome to Wordplay Workshop!

Welcome to Wordplay Workshop, where we play with words! Our mission is to help children discover the joy of writing, to encourage proficiency and excellence in the essential elements of written communication… and to have a little fun along the way!

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