pensWelcome to Wordplay Workshop!

Maybe you’re here because you need to teach your homeschooler to write essays. Or maybe you stumbled into the Workshop looking for something to help your student with those tricky possessive nouns. Maybe you’re a classroom teacher who has been tasked with teaching 30 students how to write, and you have no idea where to start.

No matter why you’re here, welcome! Glad to┬áhave you. Our goal at Wordplay Workshop is to make writing fun and easy — for the instructor AND for the student. We have DIY writing courses that are completely downloadable and able to be used immediately, complete with instructor guides and gradeable rubrics. We have worksheets and activities for writing and grammar (many of them free!).

Because good writing requires great written models, we also have lots of literature-based activities. So check out our Novel Conversations, Poetry Pages, and Literature Lessons for activities on books, classic poetry, and famous short stories.

Together, let’s build better writers. Let’s inspire excellence. And let’s make writing fun!