Monthly Archives: January 2016

(Board) games we play

Confession time: When the kids were younger, I couldn’t stand playing board games with them. One of them would pull out Candyland or, shudder, the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, and they’d beg, “Play with us, Mommy!” and...


Run-on thank-you notes

We just wrapped up our thank-you notes for Christmas (phew!) and one thing I noticed, besides the generosity of friends and family from far away, was the tendency of certain hastily-written notes to look like this: Dear Aunt Pat thank you for my...


Being our best selves

Just the other day, a child who shall remain nameless was complaining quite vocally about, among other things, a writing assignment (shocker!). In fact, this child complained so vehemently that his discontent turned physical and he kicked over a...

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