Monthly Archives: November 2015

Country reports

Lapbooks are great… except for the cutting. And the pasting. And the clean-up. And the fact that, inevitably, the kiddos get tired of writing the necessary info in small boxes… and of the cutting… and of the pasting… Oh...


Six more homophones

Time for more homophones! Lately the kids have been into woodworking, and together we’re learning the basics… like marking the boards as “left” and “right” so we know how to attach them. Well, a certain child...


Writing from the news

On Thoughtful Thursday, we take a look at interesting news articles and practice writing summaries to deliver as real news anchors. A writing project that involves dress-up and pretend play? Sign me up. This is such an easy project, as well as a...


Student-designed projects

On Wide-Open Wednesday, the kids come up with their own writing assignments. As usual, they are far better than anything I could have assigned them. The longer I homeschool, the longer this becomes my philosophy: Spend the first years of a...


I see… sensory writings

Teaching kids to use their senses in writing seems like an easy feat. But sometimes, they need a little direction. The girl is pretty… The circus was fun… School was okay… Do you ever get sentences like these in your...

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